Electrolyte additives that change what Zinc Batteries can do

Potent, safe and stable new molecules to elegantly control your Zinc anode throughout charge

Our Technology

Robust new additives that stop dendrites and control hydrogen without sacrifices

Dendrite Prevention

Reduced Hydrogen

Long-Term Stability

Low Polarization

How it Works

We have unlocked the chemistry that stops dendrites selectively

Typical Zinc Recharge

Uneven deposition leads to dendrites, unpredictable anode growth, lost capacity and lower cycle-life.

Traditional Additives

Unoptimized molecules block Zinc indiscriminately, preventing dendrites at a significant cost to efficiency.

OctoLyte™'s Selective Control

Our designer additives affect only the uneven spots, stopping dendrites selectively without hurting efficiency.

» Not technical enough? Read our paper in the Journal of the Electrochemical Socitety.

Why Zinc?

The original battery metal is still the best


Water-based and non-flammable, Zinc is safe for the body and the planet.


Zinc is cheap, stable, plentiful, easy to purify and mined in the US and over 50 nations.


Zinc batteries are long-lasting and Zinc is easily recycled.

High Capacity

More energy than Lead-Acid with the potential to hold many times more energy than current Lithium-Ion.

About Octet Scientific

Molecule designers dedicated to sustainable energy storage

Inspired by Electroplating

Recharging is simply electroplating inside a battery, but additives developed for the plating industry aren't designed for batteries.

Optimized for Batteries

Octet's additives are adapted to perform in batteries, with minimal dose, low impedance and long-term stability.

The Ideal Know-How

Founder Onas Bolton, PhD brings his expertise in molecular design, scale-up and specialty chemical development from the electroplating industry.


Our patent-pending novel additives are designed to improve recharge, extend cycle life and improve efficiency for all kinds of Zinc batteries.


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